What are Dentures ? 

Dentures are dental replacements that are removable and come in full or partial sets. They're most common in those  who are missing entire sets of teeth rather  than just one or two.  Dentures are a tried-and-true method of replacing missing teeth and restoring a beautiful smile. However, not all dentures are created equal. They differ in terms of quality, craftsmanship, and longevity, all of which have an impact on whether your dentures seem natural. 

When selecting dentures, keep the following in mind: 

• An experienced dental technician who regularly provides dentures
• A dental technician who can show you before-and-after photos of patients who have received dentures
• A dentist who places a premium on the quality, form, and function of the dentures he or she provides
• A technician who is dedicated to your long-term satisfaction with your dentures 

Is it even necessary to have dentures? 

First and foremost, do you actually require dentures? This is an excellent question to ask . When you're
missing teeth, your confidence suffers, but that's not the only reason you should consider dental implants
or dentures. Missing teeth can have a far greater impact on your health than you may believe.
Nearly 70% of persons aged 35 to 44 have at least one missing tooth, and one in every four people over
the age of 74 has all of their teeth missing. 

Dentures UK

It's simple for food and bacteria to get lodged in your gums when they're exposed. If these food particles
and bacteria aren't eliminated, they can cause serious diseases. Gum disease, which has been linked
to both heart disease and diabetes, is frequently followed by infection. 

What to Look for When Choosing 
Dentures that Look Like Natural Teeth 

While looking for dentures in the London area prices would vary, keep in mind that costs are influenced by
the following factors:  

Denture Shades

• Denture material
• Denture fit
• Workmanship involved in making the dentures
• Type of denture (Complete Dentures / Flexible Dentures/ Partial Dentures / Cobalt Dentures)
• Patient care and customer service
• Follow-up care and communication after you receive your dentures 

Our Team of seasoned professional ensure bespoke services for almost any kind of dentures in London, UK  

Client Satisfaction

We at London Denture Care understand how vital it is to be happy with your smile. We've been treating people with missing teeth for almost a decade now. The quality of the material and workmanship play a significant role in the appearance of dentures.

Multi-layered processing on our Cosmetic Life-Like dentures mimics the appearance of actual gum tissue. Cosmetic Life-Like Dentures' teeth have the same sheen and radiance as your natural teeth. As a result, our patients' smiles are enhanced by these dentures. 

To know more about the right type of dentures for you, please contact and schedule a consultation today. 

What are the types of dentures?

Complete or Partial Dentures

Acrylic Dentures Starting
From £299 per arch


Partial Dentures / Flexible Dentures
From £599 per arch


Cobalt Chrome Denture
From £599 per arch


Teeth Whitening
@ £ 300