• Denture Relining

Denture Relining

A reline is when the Dentist or CDT takes an impression of your mouth using your current denture and takes it back to his laboratory.

There he removes the interior structure of the denture and bonds a new layer of denture material to the inside of the denture. This new layer of denture material is form fitted to your mouth to help improve your denture, and overall fit.

The new material that is placed in your denture does not change the appearance of your denture on the outside, but helps to maintain a healthy bite, strong chewing forces in your jaws, and a healthy smile.

Denture relines are necessary in order to accomplish several goals.

Increasing retention and tightness of old, existing dentures or new dentures that, for one reason or another have lost retention. Sometimes this may be due to recent extraction’s or alteration in the gum tissue due to natural shrinkage. Dentures constantly breaking in half.

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