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What are flexible dentures?

As one grows older especially the elderly, there’s a need for teeth replacement. Dental bridges can no longer benefit the teeth. The simple answer to these are flexible dentures. People who are unable to wear normal dentures are the one who resort to flexible or partial dentures. Typically made of nylon or thermoplastics, Flexible dentures differ significantly from the acrylic which is commonly used in traditional dentures. So these dentures are a lot more bendable and flexible. A flexible denture adapts around the shape of the teeth and gums upon insertion and removal and can be used when it is difficult or impossible to insert a plastic or light alloy denture.


Flexible dentures advantages

The health of your remaining teeth may suffer if some of your teeth are missing. They can change position and move into the gaps. Partial dentures prevent your natural teeth from shifting and moving into unsightly positions. In fact, a partial denture may help maintain the position of your natural teeth by providing them with additional support, improving the overall health of your mouth.


Dentures West Kensington
Dentures West Kensington

Flexible dentures hygiene and care

Flexible dentures needs cleaning by soaking them in a denture cleanser solution and then brushing them to get rid of any dirt and residue.


Quick Solutions

Valplast is far and away the foremost popular brand of flexible denture within the UK, but some others you would possibly encounter are Flexite, TCS and SunFlex.

There is not an excellent deal of variation in terms of price and aesthetics, but your dentist will explain why they recommend a specific brand and you'll decide whether to go with their recommendation.

One notable difference is that SunFlex offer combination metal and versatile dentures, so you'll have a rigid frame with the softer base.

Teeth Whitening
@ £ 300