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Flexible Dentures

There is a difference of opinion on using flexible material for Partial or complete denture cases. Flexible dentures also known as Valplast, are a type of partial denture, the material consists of a flexible thermoplastic material, such as nylon, as to the more firm and rigid material such as Acrylic or metal (cobalt chromium) used in conventional/ traditional dentures. Some of the benefits of flexible dentures are lightweight, comfort, hypoallergenic, and its flexibility to fit snugly around the natural tooth/teeth.


Drawbacks of having a flexible denture

As the material puts immense pressure on the natural tooth for its stability and retention, overtime it may result in loss of gum around the natural tooth. In a layman’s tongue it is also called as a gum stripper as the name suggest it may literally strip the gum over time Apart from the effects on the gums, it is also very difficult to add any additional tooth on to the existing denture, should the patient lose any natural tooth after the appliance is fitted. One of the most common drawbacks of having a flexible denture is that the tooth/teeth sometimes de-bonds from the denture and again it might be a difficult and expensive process to get the teeth bonded back on the denture. If you are unsure if the dentures are the right option for you, speak with our Dentist and Clinical Dental Technician to know if you are the right candidate for a flexible - Valplast Partial or Complete Dentures.


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