Clinical Dental Technician

The role of a Clinical Dental Technician?

Becoming a Clinical Dental Technician is no small feat; it requires rigorous training and evaluation that goes beyond the typical dental technician's education. The journey to qualify as a clinical dental technician involves intensive study, encompassing additional modules that surpass the training of traditional dental technicians. This commitment to a higher standard ensures that CDTs possess the expertise needed to provide comprehensive denture solutions to patients.

Registered as dental professionals, Clinical Dental Technicians have a unique role in delivering complete dentures directly to patients and providing other dental devices based on prescriptions from dentists. They are not only skilled technicians but also possess specialized qualifications that set them apart in the field. Patients seeking treatment from a CDT, whether for complete dentures or other devices, often benefit from the extended knowledge and proficiency gained during their intensive training.

It's important to note that CDTs work collaboratively with dentists. In cases involving patients with natural teeth or implants, a visit to a dentist is a prerequisite before a Clinical Dental Technician can commence treatment. This collaborative approach ensures comprehensive care, with CDTs referring patients to dentists when a treatment plan is needed or when concerns about the patient's oral health arise.

At 121 Earls Court Dental Practice, we take pride in offering our patients a seamless and convenient experience. With the combined presence of a dentist, a Clinical Dental Technician, and an onsite dental laboratory, we provide a comprehensive solution under one roof. This integrated approach not only enhances convenience for our patients but also facilitates effective communication and coordination among our dental professionals, ensuring that each patient receives personalized and top-notch care.

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Piru Chandani - Dip. Clinical Dental Technology - GDC number - 171273