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The role of a Clinical Dental Technician?

Clinical Dental Technicians have to undergo rigorous training and evaluation. Qualifying as a clinical dental technician involves intensive study that exceeds dental technician’s training through additional modules.

Clinical dental technicians are registered dental professionals who provide complete dentures direct to patients and other dental devices on prescription from a dentist. They are also qualified dental technicians. Patients with natural teeth or implants must see a dentist before the CDT can begin treatment. CDTs refer patients to a dentist if they need a treatment plan or if the CDT is concerned about the patient’s oral health.

With the presence of a Dentist, Clinical dental technician and onsite dental laboratory at 121 Earls court dental practice, the process is much more convenient for our patients.

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Piru Chandani - Dip. Clinical Dental Technology - GDC number - 171273